Holy River Yamuna Puja and Aarti at Vishramghat Mathura- For Prosperity Happiness and Dirgahayu

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Holy River Yamuna Puja and Aarti at Vishramghat Mathura- YAMUNA AARTI -1 time Aarti
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Yamuna Puja and Aarti at Vishram Ghat-MORNING AND EVENING -2 times Aarti
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Yamuna is a sacred river in Hinduism. Yamuna the river is worshipped as a Hindu goddess called Yamuna Maa. Bathing in these rivers and performing religious rituals is considered Holy. Yamuna, according to the legends, is the daughter of the Sun G od and the sister of Yama, the God of Death. Hence she is considered pure and whoever takes a dip in her holy waters of the source stream of Yamuna may not have fear of death. The Yamuna Pooja is performed with an immense amount of dedication to get the blessings of Yamuna Devi.
Pilgrims from all over the country visit Vishram Ghat to bath in its holy waters and perform the traditional Parikrama .
Vishram means rest and it is named so because Lord Krishna rested at this place after killing Kansa, the evil demon king. River Yamuna is a Divine Mother and millions of Devotees seek blessings from Mother by conducting Aarti either in Morning or Evening hours. By doing this Aarti, devotee attains Moksha or Salvation.
Vishram Ghat displays a beautiful spectacle during evenings at the time of evening prayers and aarti. Devotees float oil lamps and diyas on paan leaves into the adjoining Yamuna River.
Yamuna is one of the holiest rivers in Hinduism. Yamuna is only second to the Ganges (Ganga), the holiest river in Hinduism Yamuna ji also sits in the emotional form of Shri maharaniji and the fourth Priya of Shri Prabhu .
Vishram Ghat is the main ghat in Mathura on the Yamuna River.
The traditional Aarti ceremony that is performed every evening at dusk is must see. It is one of the most spectacular sights. Hundreds of Devotees, Pilgrims,tourists watch the magnificence of the Aarti ceremony as it unfolds. Lamps are lit, fragrant smoke rises from incense sticks, and the chants of mantras can be heard. Fire is offered to Yamuna River. Fire is used as a link between this world and the spirit world. As the Aarti comes to an end, the priests offer flowers, milk, and floating lamps to the Yamuna. soon the whole of the river is filled with lit lamps and aromatic flowers. The experience wonderfully highlights local culture and religion in an effort by the participants to find peace.

Benefits for Pooja -

1.for dirgahayu -to achive longevity,long & healthy life.
2. Provides Harmony,Balance ,Unity and Oneness In Family.

3. It purifies the souls of devotees.
4. Cures diseases and ailments and improves their earthly lives.
4. Washes away the sins of devotees and gives peace to the souls of their ancestors.
5. Helps one attain Moksha or liberation of the soul.
6. Removal of Planetary Dosha.
7.Brings the divine grace of Lord Krishna in one’s life

Puja service includes: Vedic Vaani priests will perform Ganeshji poojan, avahan,Yamunaji pujan,sahastra Abhishek with milk flowers, attar,kappor,dhoop,deep,keasar -arpan,prasad ,Arti,yamunaji stuti, shri-yamunashtak path , purnacharan with sahashtra mantras.

Vedic Vaani priests will perform Puja and Yamuna Aarti at Vishram Ghat Mathura on your behalf . The Puja prasad and photos will be sent to you through courier. Please mention your birth details (name, date, time, place) and Sankalp (wish) at checkout.Know more about our exclusive Puja Services

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Yamuna is one of the holiest rivers in Hinduism. Yamuna is only second to the Ganges (Ganga), the holiest river in Hinduism. Vishram Ghat is a serene place on the bank of the river Yamuna surrounded by plants, and flowers. Here Sri Krishna used to take rest with his friends while grazing the cows in the field. The place is spiritually significant where Sri Krishna used to play the flute sitting on the branch of a Kadamba tree.
This sacred Vishram Ghat is popular among the devotees as Sri Radha used to come here to collect water from the river Yamuna and also spend a delightful time with Sri Krishna. It is a bathing Ghat where the devotees of Sri Krishna come to take a holy dip in the river Yamuna. There are a total 25 Ghats in Mathura and the Vishram Ghat is the biggest and the most famous among them.
It is also believed that the devotees can get rid of their sins by performing the Yamuna Puja.
Yamuna Puja and Aarti helps the devotees to gain mental and spiritual peace ,long life, it brings happiness and joy to their lives. The ritual is a good way to seek peace for those going through various troubles.

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