Sudarshana Chakra Small for Deity Idols

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The word Sudarshan Chakra is derived from two words, ‘su’ and ‘darshan‘. It means the vision (Darshan) which is auspicious (Su). The word chakra is derived from ‘chruhu’, which means movement and ‘kruhu’, which means to do. The chakra is all divine weapons, this is the only one which is constantly in motion but not much is written about its source, make and abilities.

It is believed that once the divine chakra has destroyed its enemy, it returns to the attacker. This means that even after the launch, it remains within the control of the warrior. It travels along the path of zero stress nature and can reach anywhere within a moment. Sudarshan Chakra is silent and when an obstruction is posed in its way, the speed of the discus amplifies.

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A beautiful small Sudarshana Chakra for god and goddess Idols made in copper with gold polish, colorful menakari work.

Dimensions: 4 mm (thickness) x 3.5 inches(diameter)

Weight: 33 grams approx
Quantity: 1

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