Sudarshan Chakra Vishnu Shaligram Set of 5 With Wooden Throne

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Shaligram is worshipped like one worships Lord Vishnu. Normally tulsi is used essentially and also a counch shell (Shankh) is also kept near the Shaligram. Daily worship with purity of heart and body is required to get full benefits from Shaligram.

Chakradhari Vishnu Shaligram Shila purifies a person and gives success in all walks of life. The benefits that one get by reading all the Vedas and doing penace (tapasya) is obtained by a person who worships Shaligram. The one who does Abhishek of Shaligram with water gets lots of benefits and happiness.

The person who offers a daily service for the salagrama stone will be freed from the fear of death, and he will cross over the stream of births and deaths.

As Vishnu abides in these stones, all the gods dwell there, all the benevolent spirits and indeed the fourteen worlds reside in these stones.Hence, we have it as an assurance from Vishnu himself that whoever worships the salagrama-stone even once will surely be liberated: and also will obtain all prosperity here, while alive. (Padma-purana, Uttara-khanda, 127)

Set contains
* Set of 5 sudarshan chakra shaligram shila
* Tulsi Mala 108+1 for mantra japa
* Wooden deity throne for shaligrams 
* Chandan paste
* Gangajal

Dimensions of wooden deity throne
Length: 5 inches
Width: 5 inches
Height: 4.5 inches
Weight of throne: Approx 310 grams

Shaligram colors: Black
Weight of shaligrams: 50 grams ( Set of 5 )
Dimensions of each shaligrams: Approx 1 inch (L) x 1 inch (W) x 0.5 inch (H) 
Gangajal: 50 ml
Chandan paste: 20 grams

Total weight of set: 450 grams

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The Spiritual Sudarshan Chakra Vishnu Shaligram of Black Holy Stone comes in Set of 5 with Wooden Throne which Blesses the worshipper with Immense Wealth, Respect in the society and removes all types of Black Magic.
Dimensions of each shaligrams: Approx 1 inch (L) x 1 inch (W) x 0.5 inch (H)
Dimensions of wooden deity throne: 5 inches (L) x 5 inches (W) x 4.5 inches (H)
Gangajal: 50 ml
Chandan paste: 20 grams
Total weight of set: 450 grams

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