Shree Ashtalaxmi darshan

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Ashtalaxmi are a group of eight forms of Shri-Lakshmi, who preside over eight sources of wealth: prosperity, good health, knowledge, strength, progeny, and power. 

The eight forms of Laxmi are: 
Adi Lakshmi: incarnation of Lakshmi as daughter of the sage Bhrigu.
Dhana Lakshmi: for money and gold.
Dhanya Lakshmi: Giver of agricultural wealth.
Gaja Lakshmi: Giver of animal wealth, like cattle and elephants. Swami Chidananda interprets Gaja Lakshmi as giver of power of royalty. According to legends, Gaja Lakshmi brought back the wealth lost by Indra (king of demi-gods) from the ocean.
Santana Lakshmi: Bestower of offspring
Veera Lakshmi: Bestower of valour in battles and courage and strength for overcoming difficulties in life.
Vijaya Lakshmi: Giver of victory, not only in battles but also in conquering hurdles in order to beget success.
Vidya Lakshmi: the bestower of knowledge of arts and sciences.

Pure silver coins having carved images of the eight forms of Goddess Mahalaxmi. It is an ideal choice for your puja altar or as a desktop item. You can also gift it on religious occasions.

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Shree Ashtalaxmi Darshan has been Beautifully Designed in Pure Silver Coins having carved Images of the eight forms of Goddess Mahalaxmi which is ideal to place in your Puja, Altar or as a Dekstop.
Diameter of each coin: 14 mm
Pack diameter: 4 inches  (10 cms approx)
Silver content: 8 silver coins of total 
Weight 20 grams
Weight of pack: approx. 200 grams

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