Sampoorna Mahalakshmi Mahayantra - 6 inches

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Dimensions: 6 inches (H) x 6 inches (W) approx

Dimensions: 8.75 inches (H) x 8.75 inches (W) approx

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Sampoorna Mahalakshmi Mahayantra is a yantra complete with all deities of wealth and prosperity to shower upon you all the abundance of the world. All deities which are a part of this yantra are the utmost representation of wealth and prosperity and when their combined power expresses through this yantra, it bestows immenses gains and profits.

"Sampoorna" means complete, a Sampoorna MahaLaxmi Mahayantra has all the yantras which are recommended in our ancient religious books to appease Goddess Laxmi. It is a very powerful yantra for getting all the worldly comforts. The worshipper of this yantra gets freedom from obstacles, stress, anxiety, depression and he is blessed with fame, power, authority, financial gains, professional success, peace and harmony. It is believed that Goddess Mahalaxmi never leaves the house where this yantra is worshipped. This Mahayantra can be kept at Home, office or business place, shop, factory etc.

A combination of four most powerful wealth and prosperity yantras :

Sampoorna Mahalakshmi Mahayantra bestows worshipper with good fortune and overturns bad luck into good luck. It increases flow of money and wealth towards the worshipper.

Design: Made in high quality copper with pure gold plating. Thick copper plate is used for durability.
Copper is well known for its grasping capacity. It grasps the divine spirit (sattvikta) upto 30%, when compared to other metals. So, copper is considered to be holy & auspicious all the time. Copper can destroy bad spirits like Raj & Tam (i.e. darkness & bad behavior). The spiritual vibrations are attracted towards copper items easily.  Just as copper has the ability to absorb the sattvik frequencies of deities, it has also capacity of transmitting them. Thus it becomes rich in divinity in a short period.
The most sattvik metal is Gold. It imbibes 70% of divine consciousness. As per spiritual science, the gold augments the absolute fire principle that enables the chakras above the waist to absorb positive energies. Gold refers to wisdom, glory and holiness. The indestructibility and immutability of gold in contrast to the impermanence of human life serve to make it particularly appropriate as a symbol of immortality.

Dimensions: 6 inches x 6 inches 
Mantra: Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmyei Shreem Hreem Shreem Namah
Weight: 140 gms approx

What is a Yantra?
Yantra is a mystical instrument, which acts as a great cosmic conductor of energy, having symbolic diagrammatic representation of a Deity. It is used for harmony, prosperity, success, good health, wealth, yoga and meditation. Yantras are also referred as the abodes of the divine powers of God.Read more.

How to use Sampoorna Mahalakshmi Mahayantra?
1. Place the Yantra facing the East direction of your house or in puja altar.
2. Offer daily incense to the yantra.
3. Offer sandal paste in the center of the Yantra.
4. Offer Prasada (sweet offerings) to the yantra.
5. Chant the Mantra of the Yantra, minimum 11 times.
6. Consume the Prasada.

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Sampoorna Mahalakshmi Maha Yantra Beautifully Designed in high quality Copper with pure Gold Plating.
Dimensions: 6 inches x 6 inches
Weight: 140 gms approx

Mantra: Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmyei Shreem Hreem Shreem Namah!!

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