Margashirsha Laxmi Yantra Frame

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A unique Margashirsha Laxmi yantra on paper covered to acrylic frame, with laxmi japa mantra available online on Vedic Vaani only. Laxmi yantra frame is installed on puja alter, Home, Temple, Desktop too invoke the Blessings of Mahalaxmi mata.Spcially womens installed fram on 1st day fast of margashirsha vrat guruwar(thursady) till celebrating vrat or utarpuja.laxmi mantra & yantra are worshiped its belive laxmi maa resides give blesser welath,prosperity.

The one who is exquisitely beautiful She is Goddess Mahalakshmi. Goddess Mahalakshmi is therefore truly the Goddess of wealth. Lakshmi also means compassion.Goddess Mahalakshmi appeared during the churning of the ocean, seated on a Lotus flower. This pleased the Devas to such an extent that they started reciting the Sri Suktham, a powerful hymn in favour of Goddess Lakshmi. All the Gandharvas bowed their head in obeisance to the Goddess. The Apsaras danced merrily to welcome Goddess Mahalakshmi.   All the sacred rivers led by the holy Ganges surrounded Goddess Mahalakshmi so that she could bathe in their water. Eight elephants surrounded the Goddess with golden kalashes in their trunks and performed her abhishekam. The enamoured ocean king offered the Goddess a Lotus that would never wilt. The divine architect Vishwakarma appeared within no time anointing the Goddess with gold ornaments. Even as the Devas were watching the events with rapt attention, Goddess Mahalakshmi entered the heart of Lord Sriman Narayanamurthy. The Devas chorused on witnessing the splendid event. Both Lord Narayana and Goddess Lakshmi presented themselves before the Devas in all their glory.

Invoke the blessings of  laxmi yantra by installing this photo in your puja altar, prayer room, office cabin or living area.

Dimensions: 3.3 inches (L) x 2.5 inches (H).
Weight: 35 grams approx

What is a Yantra?
Yantra is a mystical instrument, which acts as a great cosmic conductor of energy, having symbolic diagrammatic representation of a Deity. It is used for harmony, prosperity, success, good health, wealth, yoga and meditation. Yantras are also referred as the abodes of the divine powers of God. Read more.

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A unique Margashirsha Laxmi Yantra on paper covered to Acrylic Frame, with Laxmi Japa Mantra.
Dimensions: 3.3 inches (L) x 2.5 inches (H)  (8 x 6 cms approx)
Weight: 35 grams approx

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