Gaja (Elephant) with Gold Polish

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Set of Gajraj in golden polish with artistic design  with elegnt look for bring auspiciousness. One of the nine jewels that emerged from 'samudra manthan' churning of the ocean by the gods and demons was the elephant. The elephant is, therefore, considered absolutely precious to be preserved and protected like the way jewels are.

In one of her dreams, Buddhas mother dreamt of a white elephant. And then the prophet of peace Gautam Buddha was born.  And then comes the greatest of all vahanas (carriages for Gods) - the Airavat (elephant ). The Airavat was the chosen carriage for the God of all Gods Indra. There were other Gods as well riding on elephants as well, but Indras airavat was special. It was regal in size and had ten tusks, not just the usual two. A white elephant is rare and given special significance. It is often considered sacred and symbolises royalty, and is also considered a symbol of good luck.
Wisdom is represented by the elephant in the form of the deity Ganesh, one of the most popular gods in the Hindu religion's pantheon. Ganesha is very distinctive in having a human form with the head of an elephant.

Make: Made of white metal and gold polished to give it glitter.
Dimensions:  2.75 inches (H) x 3.5 inches (L)
Total weight: 320 grams

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Dimensions:  2.75 inches (H) x 3.5 inches (L)  (6 x 8 cms approx)
Total weight: 320 grams

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