Bhasma Khada

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The Bhasma khada made in cube shap. The sacred ash made of burnt dried wood in vedic rituals. In Sanskrit, bhoothi means Aishwaryam, meaning wealth, treasure, precious. Vi-bhoothi means very or more valuable. 

A person who smears Vibhuthi purifies himself from sins and also removes the sins of persons who looks at him besmeared with Vibhuthi or theeruneru. Vibhuti is the sacred ash used in religious worship. The main ingredient of Vibuthi is a special kind of wood. It is burned in a sacred fire (Homa) to form white ash.

It serves as a reminder to the believer to cast away selfish and worldly desires that wrap the self in maya, and calls to mind the story of how Shiva burned Kama (the god of desire) to ashes when Kama attempted to break Shiva's focus on the divine truth.

Normally, worn along with red tilaka. Vibhuti relates to Shiva and red tilaka to Shakti. Reminds that Shiva and Shakti form the universe and everything is though the union of Shiva and Shakti.

The word bhasma means that by which our sins are destroyed and the Lord is remembered". implies Bhartsana (to destroy) and implies smaranam (remember). The application of Bhasma therefore signifies destruction of the evil and remembrance of the divine. Bhasma is called Vibhuti (glory) as it gives glory to one who applies it and raksha (which means a source of protection) as it protects the wearer from ill health and evil, by purifying him or her. The ash we apply indicates that we should burn false identification with body and become free of the limitations of birth and death. It also reminds us that the body is perishable and shall one day be reduced to ashes. As death can come at any moment, this awareness must increase our drive to make the best use of time. This is not to be misconstrued as a morose reminder of death, but as a powerful pointer towards the fact that time and tide wait for none. Mahamrityunjaya mantra should be chanted whilst applying ash.

Spritual significans: For External Holy purpose only.

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