Ati Rudra Maha Yagna

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Ati Rudra Yagna is a very important form of worship of Lord Shiva, the very source of cosmic energy for the entire creation. His Divine form encompasses and extends far beyond all known and unknown galaxies and universes. Lord Shiva is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He is the conqueror of Death and an embodiment of infinite mercy, compassion and love. We who owe our existence to the Divinity are duty bound to think of Him constantly and worship Him gratefully for the welfare of all mankind. 
Lord Rudra is a ferocious aspect of Lord Shiva, who is the embodiment of destruction and unlimited love. Rud means sorrow. Ra means destroyer. Rudra is the One who destroys our sorrows.
Ati Rudra Maha Yagna occupies a very important place in Vedic literature and in the practice of Vedic traditions. The Rudram is addressed to worship Lord Shiva, who will grant the devotee immediate relief from all problems and the fulfillment of wishes.
Sri Rudram hymn is an invocation to Lord Siva.  Srirudram, also known as Rudraprasna, is a hymn devoted to Lord Shiva. It is part of the Yajur Veda and one of the greatest of the Vedic hymns for all round benefits and to remove all doshas & difficulties. In most of the poojas and homas it recited by the Vedic pundits. Sri Rudram is in two parts. The first part, chapter 16 of the Yajurveda, is known as Namakam because of the repeated use of the wordNamo in it. The second part, chapter 18 of the Yajurveda, is known as chamakam because of the repeated use of the words Chame. Namakam sings the glory of Lord Siva and Chamakam is requesting the Lord to grant the devotee materialistic and spiritual grace so that he/she can elevate himself/herself and serve Lords creation in this universe. Each of Namakam and Chamakam consists of 11 chapters called Anuvakams. In the first Anuvaka, Rudra is asked to turn away his Ghora rupa (fierce appearance) and to please keep his and his followers weapons at bay. Having been pacified, Rudra is requested to destroy the sins of those for whom it is being chanted.
* Routine chanting of Sri Rudram is called "Roopam" and consists of chanting the Namakam once followed by chanting the Chamakam once.
* Eleven recitations of Namakam followed by one recitation of Chamakam are called "Ekadasa Rudram".
* Eleven rounds of Ekadasa Rudram chanting constitute a "Laghu Rudram". 
* Eleven rounds of Laghu Rudram chanting constitutes a "Maha Rudram", and 
* Eleven rounds of Maha Rudram chanting constitute an "Ati Rudram".

The power available during the performance of this yajna is of such a high magnitude that Yogis and Tantriks activate mantras and become recipients of great magical occult secrets. The sick become well, the unmarried find ideal mates, debts are removed, wealth & power is showered and death is evaded. Our salutations, to the creator, to the destroyer, to the bestower of grace, wealth, power, health, happiness. He is the union of both male & female energies he is the great SHIVA. It is said the key of Lord Kubera's wealth is hold by Lord Shiva. All nine planets are supposed to be under the domain of Shiva and hence his propitiation leads to gains in Career, Job, Business, Relationship, Marriage and Health. It is said that Lord Shiva and His consort Mother Annapoorna blesses with all the 8 types of wealth.

Keivalyo Upanishad says: "namakam chamakam hotran,purush-suktam japet sada, pravishet sa Mahadeva graham grahapatiryatha"
Meaning: by Namak Chamak Mantras (used in Atirudra) the person enters the abode of Lord Shiva without any fear and with certainty. 

Vedic Vaani priests will perform the Puja as per vedic rituals. Please mention your birth details (name, date, place, time, father's name, gotra if known), & Sankalp (wish) at checkout. This is a individual yagna (you may do puja on individual name or include your near and dear ones in the puja).You will be provided with the contact no. of the priest, to call during the sankalpa/yagna.  Know more about our exclusive Puja Services

Please email us at [email protected] expressing your interest.

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Ati Rudra Yagna is a very important form of worship of Lord Shiva, the very source of cosmic energy for the entire creation.
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