Wooden Lotus Incense Plate

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Hand carved Shesham Wooden Lotus Incense Plate burner for cones and incense sticks. This holder can hold 5 sticks at a time and is a good base when the altar is installed on a height.

The Lotus is a plant that belongs to the Nelumbo genus, and it has long been associated with purity, rebirth and divinity.

Symbolically, burning of "incense sticks" in a slow manner but with full fragrance reminds us that our physical body is also getting into ashes, just like a burning agarbatti, slowly and steadily and therefore we should use our body to spread fragrance all around by doing good for others.

Design:  Made from shesham wood and has Lotus symbol.
Dimensions:  4.5 inches (diameter) x 0.8 inche (thickness)
Weight: 80 gms

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Made from shesham wood and has Lotus symbol.
Dimensions:  4.5 inches (diameter) x 0.8 inche (thickness)
Weight: 80 gms

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