Wall Hanging Trishakti

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An auspicious sign to place on a wall or even the main door of your home, and make it thrice-blessed. The 'trishul' symbolizes protection for your family and home from any misfortune; the 'om' - which is the seed sound of the cosmos - creates positive vibrations in and around your home. And the 'swastik' is the traditional sign that stands for a warm welcome to any visitor who crosses the threshold of your home.

The trident of Shiva is the symbol of the three qualities of Nature, the three gunas, and hence the three functions of Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer. In the microcosm the trident represents the three subtle arteries of the body, ida, pingala, and susumna, which, according to the theory of yoga, ascend from the root center at the base of the spinal cord to reach the "lotus of a thousand petals" at the summit of the head. The trident is also the giver of punishment on the spiritual, subtle and physical planes. Sanskrit for punishment is 'shula', hence the trident is called 'trishula', tri = three. As the trident bearer Shiva is known as 'Shulin'.

OM is the symbol of essence of Hinduism. It means oneness with the Supreme, the merging of the physical being with the spiritual. It is the most sacred syllable, the first sound of the Almighty. Swastika means luck or auspicious object, and in particular a mark made on person and things to denote good luck.

Another legend says:
This auspicious tri-symbol (yantra) imbibes the energies of three Goddesses - Baglamukhi, Chhinmasta and Mahakali. The greatest benefit of this Yantra is that it can help one attain the Siddhi of three Mahavidyas at one go.
Through worship of Goddess Baglamukhi a person emerges victorious in every field of life. All his enemies are defeated and he attains to fame, respect, power and high position in life. Not just this he gains supreme knowledge due to which he can speak eloquently on any subject. His arguments and statements leave even the greatest of scholars of a subject speechless. A magnetism develops in his personality and others are easily captivated by him.

Mahakali means a Goddess who can help one defeat even death. A worshipper of Mahakali is healthy, handsome and long lived. If there is a chance of some accident or mishap in life it is averted due to the grace of the Goddess. Evil planets cannot harm him and benefic ones turn into more benefic. As Kaal also means time or the future hence a worshipper of Mahakali also becomes clairvoyant, that is capable of viewing past and future events.

Spiritual progress becomes possible through the Sadhanas of Goddess Chhinmasta. It is believed by the people that Chinnmasta is a very powerful Goddess capable of bestowing quick spiritual progress. 

The Goddess Chhinmasta and her two assistant energies Jaya and Vijaya represent the three channels of Kundalini - Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. When the head or the ego of a person is severed an elixir is produced that activates all the three channels.

When this happens the genders energy called Satva which naturally flows downwards starts to rise up and fills the whole body with a divine radiance. This is a very high spiritual state and one who reaches it is able to fuse with Brahm or the Supreme and become a Master of divine powers.

All these attainments become very easy through the unique device called Trishakti Yantra. This Yantra should find place in the worship place of every Sadhaka.

Make: Made of brass with Meenakari work. It can be used has a wall hanging.
Maintenance: When the brass surface become dull, just clean it with a slice of lime and wipe first with a damp cloth and then polish it with a soft dry cloth.

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Length: 2.5 inches (H) x 1.75 inches (W)

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