Vishnu Yantra Locket

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Vishnu Yantra Locket is the highly protective Yantra. Lord Vishnu is part of the Trimurti (trinity of Gods), Lord Vishnu is the maintainer or preserver. The Rigveda says: Vishnu can travel in three strides. The first stride is the Earth. The second stride is the visible sky. The third stride cannot be seen by men and is the heaven where the gods and the righteous dead live. In this idol Lord Vishnu is depicted in standing mode holding mace in His hand. 

The locket has yantra image on one side and deity image of the other side. The yantra would be blessed and energized.

Design: Gold plated copper with acrylic glass cover on both sides.
Dimensions: 24 mm (diameter)
Weight: 10 gms

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Lord Vishnu Yantra Locket Designed in Gold Plated Copper with Acrylic Glass Cover on both the sides which Blesses you with Prosperity, Knowledge, Happiness and Prosperity in Life.
Dimensions: 24 mm (diameter)
Weight: 10 gms

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