Velvet Gudi

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Dimensions: 6 inches (H) x 1.75 inches (base) approx
Total Weight: 90 grams
Quantity: 3 pcs

Dimensions: 6 inches (H) x 1.75 inches (base) approx
Weight: 30 grams
Quantity: 1 pc

Gudi Padwa is celebrated on first day of the “Chaitra” month. Gudhi Padwa is celebrated throughout the Maharashtra. This festival is remarkable because it has a number of legends and stories associated with it. This festival indicates the beginning of the traditional Indian New Year.

When Shri Ram reached Ayodhya after conquering Lanka, His subjects hoisted flags in every house symbolising victory and joy. It was the Gudi Padwa day on which Shaka Kings defeated the Huns; King Shalivahan defeated his enemies and hoisted the flag of victory. However, today Hindus should introspect if they are really worthy of hoisting the true flag of victory. That day celebrates still today as Gudi Padwa .

Method of raising the Gudi:
Position of the Gudi: Care should be taken to raise the Gudi outside the main entrance of the house. The place selected should be on right side of the entrance. The right side symbolizes the active state of the soul.

1. The area selected for raising the Gudi should be cleaned and then a Swastik rangoli should be drawn on the ground. Turmeric and vermilion (Haldi-kumkum) should be offered at the center of the Swastik.
2. While raising the Gudi, the ‘Shiva-Shakti’ principle in the Universe should be invoked. This enables all the constituents of the Gudi to accept divine principles.
3.Put channel on that place where Rangoli Drawn.Take rice and spread on channel.put bamboo on spread rice.put sweet as oblation. Most of the time the menu for oblation is “Puran-poli”.
4. Attach clean & new cloth or sari ,take flowers ,neem leaves as well as nodules to the bamboo,wrap all this thing with thread and cover with copper-Gadu.
5. Finally raise the Gudi on channel.

(color and design may vary).

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Gudi made of velvet cloth with attractive border design.
(color and design may vary)

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