Tripur Sundri Devi Yantra Locket

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Feel Blessed by wearing the Tripur sundri devi yantra locket.

Tripura sundari represents the ultimate beauty of pure perception which arises when we see all the Universe in ourselves. "Tripura" means "three cities", the three worlds of matter, energy and thought, which we experience through our three bodies- physical, astral and causal. The worship of Tripurasundari bestows joy, happiness, calmness, peace, harmony, prosperity and beauty.

The locket has yantra image on one side and deity image of the other side. 

Design: Gold plated copper with acrylic glass cover on both sides.
Dimensions: 32 mm (diameter) x 2 mm (thickness)
Weight: 10 gms


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Goddess Tripura Sundari Devi Yantra Locket Designed in Gold Plated Copper with Acrylic Glass Cover. This Sri Vidya / Shodasi Yantra Blesses with Good Fortune, Wealth, Pleasure and Salvation.
Dimensions: 32 mm (diameter) x 2 mm (thickness)

Weight: 10 gms

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