Traditional Kanthi

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Traditional Kanthi is made of artificial red stones in square design.  

Kanthi is a necklace of beads worn around the neck. "Kanth" means neck and because it’s worn around the neck it is called kanthi. It is the symbol of our surrender to the creator of this universe, the supreme almighty. The kanthi is the best symbol of one’s surrender, as it gives us the ultimate feeling of oneness with God.

Kanthi is a two-stringed ‘chain’ in stone worn around the neck. A kanthi reminds us that God is with us at all times. It inspires us not to be afraid of any outside influences because God will always be with us and protects us. The tying of the two strings together symbolises the union of the soul with the supreme lord.

One strand of the kanthi represents the Lord and the other represents the muktas (liberated souls) that live within Him. Once the Muktas enter the murti, they will eternally remain there. There is a union between them, i.e. they appear as one, but there is a difference between the master and the devotee. When the two merge, they appear as one - the master (just like as the kanthi is one necklace). However, in reality they remain distinct in their nature and their qualities, with God remaining the master and the soul forever being the servant. This is the Vishishtadvait philosophy.

This kanthi can be offered to deity idol OR can be worn by any person.
Length: 10.25 inches
Weight: 70 gms

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Length: 10.25 inches
Weight: 70 gms

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