Swastika Symbol in Desiger Desktop with Acrylic

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A beautiful Swastika Symbol in center of chakra emboss with transparent acrylic and desiger brass frame. The right-hand swastika is one of the 108 symbols of the Hindu god Vishnu as well as a symbol of the sun and of the Hindu sun god, Surya. The symbol imitates, in the rotation of its arms, the course taken daily by the sun, which appears in the Northern Hemisphere to pass from east, then south, to west.

The left-hand swastika (called a sauvastika) usually represents the terrifying Hindu goddess Kali, night and magic. However, this form of the swastika is not "evil" and it is the form most commonly used in Buddhism.

Dimensions: 4.75 inches (H) x 4 inches (W) x 2 inches (Base)
Weight: 160 gms

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Swastika Symbol in Desiger Desktop Buy online from Vedic Vaani
Dimensions: 4.75 inches (H) x 4 inches (W) x 2 inches (Base)
Weight: 160 gms

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