Snake silver chain-thin-Design I

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Thin chain in pure silver with a clasp. You can wear it as a plain jewelry or put your lockets in it and wear.

Silver is a sattvic metal.Silver has the ability to imbibe the Raja-predominant waves of desire.It imbibes 35% of divine consciousness.It is believed that silver stimulates energy flow to itself,so when silver jewellery is on body-it helps to accumulate more energy.Silver is absorbed through skin and has pain-relief effect,thats why silver chains are so popular.

Design: Made of pure silver, with a clasp.
Length: 18 inches
Thickness: 1 mm
Weight: 11 grams 

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Designed in pure silver, with a clasp.
Length: 18 inches
Thickness:  1 mm
Weight: 11 grams

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