Ruh-Al-Oudh Incense Sticks

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Incense is the simplest, purest and economical way to make your living space fragrant. Incense is widely described in ancient sanskrit scriptures and has been credited for pleasing the gods. These popular incense sticks are ideal for daily puja, they have long length and good burning time.

According to Indian Mythology, the habit of burning incenses, barks and herbs, form a part of rituals. Agarbatti /Incense sticks are said to be the fragrance ambassador of India.

Type: Masala incense
Length: 9 inches
Burning time: 50 to 60 minutes

Why Incense From VEDICVAANI INDIA. Our Incense sticks are crafted using a blend of the ancient Vedic recipes and modern techniques. We use the finest botanical ingredients- herbs, gums, resins, rare spices, natural powders and blend with premium halmaddi & essential oils. The purity of these natural ingredients ensures a rich captivating aroma when burnt.

We make incense for prayer and meditation times, the beautiful fragrance creates such an ambience that your prayer reaches the divine and is completed. They create the spiritual fragrance of a Temple in your house altar.

Since Vedic times, people in India have used incense at auspicious occasions, religious festivals and social celebrations to please the divine and uplift the senses.They are widely used in Ashrams, Church, Mosques, Temples, Gurudwara, Yoga meditation classes, Spas, etc.

We are the leading manufacturers and exporters of incense sticks from India and can ship containers. We have our own manufacturing unit. Please email us [email protected] for bulk requirements in temples, wholesale/retail shops.Know more about our Incense Product

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Short DescriptionType: Masala incense
Length: 9 inches
Burning time: 50 to 60 minutes

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