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A ready to wear dhoti, which comes folded in the required way to directly slip in and go for the occasion or ceremony.

Dhoti is a loin cloth of most fibres but predominantly cotton and silk and used to cover up predominantly the lower portion of the males below the waist and in a little longer form called sarees to drape it below the waist and carried forward to the upper part too in case of females.

For centuries,many communities across India and many other parts of the world specially originating from the Great Sanatan Dharm have been wearing 'Dhoti'.There are different ways of wearing a dhoti depicting different cast,creed or communities in India, like a pandit has one way of wearing a dhoti,a farmer wears it in a different manner and a south Indian community wears it differently altogether and so on.

But why is it that it holds importance in comparison to other clothes and still worn by all major Gurus and Pandits and insisted there upon by them for all common to wear at least while performing pooja?

Dhoti bears a great importance in the Sanatan Dharm for one main reason to which the current Guru of the famous Dera Baba Rudrashram in Himachal Pradesh, Shri Shri 1008 Baba Sugriva Nand Ji Maharaj, the gyata/ knower of all Vedas and Shastras said that,"It is mentioned in the Shastras that one should always wear a pavitra/ fresh (clean and washed) cloth while doing Pooja everyday.And 'Dhoti' is the purest forms of cloth. It can be and is made to be washed everyday and easily dried up to wear every next day.For the word itself means similar to washed it Dhoti or'Dho'+'Ti' a cloth that one can 'Dho'(a hindi/sanskrit word meaning wash) everyday and wear a-fresh every next day."

There are other reasons to believe by many others which are similar to the same that it is one of the simplest of clothes without any stitching in it and some think a proper Dhoti wearing is the one where there is no knot tied while wearing.

Deriving one possible spiritual explanation out of the same is that this type of cloth,i.e. dhoti, could be THAT simplest forms of cloth which is made to cover the body in the most simplest forms and which is its real purpose or to say which fulfills the Need for what it is made mainly FOR.Where as to proceed further there on, one crosses the fine line in between the Need and Greed where the skillful designing, stitching and decoration like embroideries could take you away from the path of eternal bliss,which eventually has no end.

Length: Free Size
Fabric: Mix Cotton-polyester silky type
Available Colors:  Cream, Red,yellow,saffron
Weight: 180 grams

Note: Please be informed there could be a slight variation in the actual product in terms of design or color. If we are sending you an alternate option, we will inform you prior to sending.

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Length: Free Size
Fabric: Mix Cotton-polyester silky type
Available Colors: Cream, Red,yellow,saffron
Weight: 180 grams

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