Netipatra in copper

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Neti mildly stimulates the tear ducts, which help cleanse the eyes and give them added sparkle. It even helps sharpen the eyesight and improve the memory. On an esoteric level neti is said to stimulate the ajna chakra. It has subtle effects on the pineal and pituitary glands which control the hormonal system which in turn has a harmonizing effect on the emotions. Neti has a cooling, soothing effect on the brain and can help with headaches, migraine, epilepsy, temper tantrums, hysteria, depression and general mental tension. It can also help with certain ear disorders like middle ear infections, glue ear and some forms of tinnitus.

Jala neti kriya, is a simple procedure for maintaining nasal hygiene by means of irrigating the nostrils with warm salty water. Neti effectively removes dirt and bacteria filled mucus from the nasal passages. It is an ancient yogic purification technique that is all the more relevant and helpful in our modern times where air pollution and airborne pathogens are becoming increasing health risk factors. By practicing neti you can breathe clearly and freely, thus enhancing your quality of life.


The pot is filled with salty water. Use lukewarm water, close to body temperature or slightly warmer. Very cold water will cause the mucous gland to swell and can lead to headache. The optimal salinity is the same as tears. Add about 1 gram of salt for 100 ml of water. A decent pinch of salt per pot usually does the trick. Choose the most natural salt available.

Ideally, practice over a sink. The tip of the spout of the pot is placed at the entrance of the nostril and the water is poured through one nostril and flows out through the opposite nostril. Usually it takes a little bit of experimentation to find the correct angle and head position to get the water flowing smoothly from one nostril out through the other. Let gravity do the work and point the free nostril downwards. At first the water may sometimes come out through the mouth. At worst you might swallow a little salty water. 
While pouring the water into the nostril the mouth is kept open allowing you to breathe freely. Always take your time to perform neti correctly - never rush the procedure. Breathing slowly through the mouth, pour the entire contents of the pot through one nostril. When the pot is empty, bend forward and let any excess water run out, then close the nostril with a finger and exhale a few sharp short blasts (not too forcibly or this may drive water up into the sinuses) and then repeat on the opposite side.

Design: Made of copper.
Dimensions: 4 inches (H) X 4 inches (W) x 3.5 inches (Top Diameter)
Weight: 165 gms

Copper is well known for its grasping capacity. It grasps the divine spirit (sattvikta) upto 30%, when compared to other metals. Copper can destroy bad spirits like Raj & Tam (i.e. darkness & bad behavior). The spiritual vibrations are attracted towards copper items easily. Just as copper has the ability to absorb the sattvik frequencies of deities, it has also capacity of transmitting them. Thus it becomes rich in divinity in a short period.

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Dimensions: 4 inches (H) X 4 inches (W) x 3.5 inches (Top Diameter)
Weight: 165 gms

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