Navratna Mala for Navgraha

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Mala made of fine hand selected natural gems of Crystal, Green jade, Yellow jade, Amethyst, Blue stone, Moon stone, Rose quartz, Red jasper and Black agate. When worn together they help deliver the benefits of all the nine planetary gemstones simultaneously, offering the benefits of fame, wealth, health, happiness, strength and prosperity.

A Navratna mala helps to ward off the malefic effects of all the nine planets (Navgraha). When more than one planet is malefic in a person's horoscope, this mala is very useful as all the stones required to pacify the malefic effects of all the nine planets are studded in this single mala itself. It can be worn be anybody and any age group

Life on earth is influenced by the navagrahas, or nine planets. The placement of the navagrahas in one's horoscope have an influence throughout an individual's life. Wearing the nine gems provide an astrological balance and benefit to the wearer.  The Navaratnas/Navratnas are the sacred nine gemstones as per Vedic texts and Indian Astrology that have a profound impact on human life. These Navratnas are linked to the nine planets also referred to as the Navagrahas and are recommended after the detailed study of the Kundali/ Indian Horoscope.

Ancient Vedic scriptures and teachings have mentioned RATNAS or gems as one of the 6 pathways to alter the negative karmic life map and remove obstacles and emerge in life with the feeling of happiness and fulfilment. The Vedic gems are also believed to of a therapeutic value. The Garuda Purana and Agni Purana have discussed the Science of Gemology and characteristics of Gemstones that bring about auspicious changes in life. The Brihat Samhita has also discussed the healing properties of the various gems. And in many ancient cultures too gemstones have always been believed to have metaphysical powers.

Mala Details: Made of natural gemstone beads strung in strong thread with tassel.
Length: 32 inches
No. of Beads: 108 + 1 Beads
Beads Size: 8 mm
Quality: Good

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Mala made of fine hand selected natural gems of Crystal, Green jade, Yellow jade, Amethyst, Blue stone, Moon stone, Rose quartz, Red jasper and Black agate.
Length: 32 inches approx
No. of Beads: 108 + 1 Beads
Beads Size: 8 mm
Quality: Good

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