Lord Hanuman Sleek Silver Locket

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Pendant depicts Lord Hanuman seating on knee in blessing mode. This Hanuman Pendant is Made is Silver.

Hanuman is the one of the deities,over whom Shani (Saturn) could not cast his spell.Hanuman is worshipped to get rid of malefic effects of Shani.Lord Hanuman is well known for His hidden strength and Ram bhakti (devotion towards lord Rama),people who swear by his devotion remain happy and contented always.

Lord Hanuman, Ramas eternal servant,the embodiment of devotion,whose body is as strong as thunder, whose mind is as sharp as lightening, who holds in his arms the mountain of herbs and a mace,who crushes malefic demons under his feet,who solves problems, takes away worry,inspires strength,gives hope and confidence,and who helps the devotee make his journey to the Godhead.

Hanuman was born to the Vanaras. His mother Anjana was an apsara who was born on earth due to a curse. She was redeemed from this curse on giving birth to a son. The Valmiki Ramayana states that his father Kesari was the son of rahu, he was the King of a place named Sumeru. Anjana performed intense prayers lasting 12 long years to shiva to get a child. Pleased with their devotion, Shiva granted them the boon they sought. Hanuman, in another interpretation, is the incarnation or reflection of Shiva himself.

Design: Made in pure sterling silver.
Silver is a sattvic metal.Silver has the ability to imbibe the Raja-predominant waves of desire.It imbibes 35% of divine consciousness.It is believed that silver stimulates energy flow to itself.

Dimensions of locket: 44 mm (H) x 30 mm (W) x 7 mm (thickness)
Weight: 8.35 grams

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Dimensions of locket: 44 mm (H) x 30 mm (W) x 7 mm (thickness)
Weight: 8.35 grams

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