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As per Puranas, Lord Vishnu took the form of tortoise to uphold the earth and its beings during the Sagar Manthan; Lord Vishnus tortoise is second avatar and is called as Kurma avatar. Placing the tortoise in living room; helps to increase family harmony. It brings serenity, harmony, peace, long life, and money in home. It also pacifies the malefic effects of Saturn (Shani) planet and pleases Him.

Tortoise is also given importance in vastu shastra and in Feng Shui. As tortoise is gifted with long life therefore keeping it bestows longevity.

Usage: Fill the plate with water. Water must be enough in dish to soak the feet of tortoise. Make sure the level is maintain on daily basis.You can add some colored stones (if you have).  Install the plate with the mouth of the toroise facing west direction.

Design: Made in copper.
Copper is well known for its grasping capacity. It grasps the divine spirit (sattvikta) upto 30%, when compared to other metals. Copper can destroy bad spirits like Raj & Tam (i.e. darkness & bad behavior). The spiritual vibrations are attracted towards copper items easily. Just as copper has the ability to absorb the sattvik frequencies of deities, it has also capacity of transmitting them. Thus it becomes rich in divinity in a short period.
Dimensions of Tortoise: 1 inches (H) x 2.75 inches (W) x 5 inches (L)
Dimension of Plate: 9 inches x 9 inches
Weight: 1 kg

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Dimensions of Tortoise: 1 inches (H) x 2.75 inches (W) x 5 inches (L)
Dimension of Plate: 9 inches x 9 inches
Weight: 1 kg
Quantity: 1 pc

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