Kuber Yantra on Turtle in Brass Metal

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A beautiful Kuber Yantra on Turtle in Brass Metal is an extraordinary yantra endowed with divine power to bring peace, happiness, prosperity and overall success in life. Also numerical Yantra is made on the belly turtle.

Kubera yantra blesses with wealth and prosperity, faster recovery of dues and opens new avenues of growth and expansion.

Lord Vishnus tortoise is second avatar and is called as Kurma avatar has an importance in vastu shastra and in Feng Shui. As tortoise is gifted with long life therefore keeping it bestows longevity.

Kubera is the treasurer of the gods and overlord of the semi-divine Yakshas, the Guhyakas, Kinnaras and Gandharvas, who act as his assistants and protectors of the jewels of the earth, as well as guardians of his city. Kubera is also the guardian of travelers and the giver of wealth to individuals, who please him.
As the treasurer of the riches of the world, Kubera is prescribed to be worshipped. Kubera also credited money to the god Venkateshwara (a form of the god Vishnu) for his marriage with Padmavati. In remembrance of this, the reason devotees go to Tirupati to donate money in Venkateshwara's Hundi ("Donation pot"), is so that he can pay it back to Kubera. Kubera is worshipped with Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth during Diwali, which is primarily dedicated to her.

Design: Made in brass metal with acrylic glass covering on the yantra that gives it an augmented view. Ideal for placing on desktop, altar or as a gift.
Dimensions:  1.5 inches (H) X 3.3 inches (W) X 4.5 inches (L)
Weight : 185 gms

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A beautiful Kuber Yantra on Turtle in Brass Metal with an Acrylic Glass covering.
Dimensions:  1.5 inches (H) X 3.3 inches (W) X 4.5 inches (L)  (3 x 8 x 11 cms approx)
Weight : 185 gms

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