Gayatri statue in Punchdhatu

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Dimensions: 4.75 inches (H) x 4.25 inches (W) x 2.2 inches (L)
Weight: 1.3 kgs

Dimensions: 4.25 inches (H) x 3.6 inches (W) x 1.8 inches (depth)
Weight: 820 gms

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Maata Gayatri is Brahma, Gayatri is Vishnu, Gayatri is Shiva, Gayatri is Vedas. Gayatri Devi is an incarnation of Saraswati Devi, consort of lord Brahma. She is shown as having 5 heads and is usually seated on a lotus - this signifies wealth. She is carrying crowns on all five heads. The 4 heads of Gayatri symbolize the four Vedas, the fifth head represents the almighty God, her ten eyes looking in the eight directions plus the earth and sky, and ten arms holding all the weapons of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu & Lord Brahma.

She is an aspect of Mata Saraswati, Mata Lakshmi & Mata Parvati, all three in one form, a form of Adi Shakti, possessing the Rajasi Guna and hence is the source of Brahma's power.

It is said that Goddess Gayatri resides in each and every human heart in the form of a swan. If a person meditates deep within he sees a swan which is considered as goddess Gayatri. The swan is the symbol of God realization. The lotus is considered as seat of Goddess Gayatri which means the presence of Divinity and wealth. The more one contemplates and meditates upon the Gayatri, the more complexities of this world are revealed to him.Panchdhatu is a mixture of five metals:  gold, silver, copper, brass & bronze. It helps in balancing the 5 tatvaas in human body: air, water, earth, fire, sky.

This beautiful statue in panchdhatu, is an auspicious sign to be kept at home. Gayatri is the divine power that transforms the human into the divine and blesses man with a brilliant light of the highest spiritual illumination.

Importance of Idol worship: Idols are not the idle fancies of sculptors, but shining channels through which the heart of the devotee is attracted to and flows towards God. Though the image is worshipped, the devotee feels the presence of the Lord in it and pours out his devotion unto it. Regular worship, Puja and other modes of demonstrating our inner feeling of recognition of Divinity in the idol unveils the Divinity latent in it. This is truly a wonder and a miracle. The picture comes to life. The idol speaks. It will answer your questions and solve your problems. The God in you has the power to awaken the latent Divinity in the idol. The lives of Mirabai, Sant Tukaram, Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Shri Yogananda are a few instances to prove the point. They proved beyond doubt that idol worship has its own brighter side and through simple faith and intense devotion one can realize God through it.
Idols are the "finite representation of the Infinite". As per Vishnu Samhita (ch 29, v 55-7), persuasively endorses the use of imagery (idols) and puts it: "Without a form how can God be mediated upon? If (He is) without any form, where will the mind fix itself? When there is nothing for the mind to attach itself to, it will slip away from meditation or will glide into a state of slumber. Therefore the wise will meditate on some form, remembering, however, that the form is a superimposition and not a reality.

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Maata Gayatri is Brahma, Gayatri is Vishnu, Gayatri is Shiva, Gayatri is Vedas. Gayatri Devi is an incarnation of Saraswati Devi, consort of lord Brahma.

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