Fruit and Spice Incense

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Fruit and spice incense is known for its strong fragrance. The incense sticks are made from fruity essential oils. It's prepared by hand and rolled in a blend with natural ingredients including herbs, oils and natural plant resins. A more traditional style of incense, masala is longer burning and more potent, so it goes a long way.

Masala incense spreads in your home added freshness, harmony and health. Feel the gentle and soothing presence of nature. You can instantly create moods of clarity & romance

People choose to burn incense for many reasons; whether you are burning incense sticks to relax, for religious purposes, or simply because you like the smell, it's important that you know how to use them properly .Buy Incense Sticks from Incense Sticks Manufacturer from India. Fruit and Spice agarbatti from VedicVaani spreads Wonderful fragrance.

Burning Fruit and Spice incense sticks is an effective way to beat stress, encourage balance, and breathe new life into old routines.  In the hustle and bustle of modern society, it can be challenging to make time for ourselves and escape from the busy pace of everyday life.  Burning incense is a pleasant sensory experience that people have valued from time immemorial, and the practice is being revived more and more as people realize how important it is to attend to often neglected aspects of wellbeing, such as mental and spiritual clarity.

Burning incense has a salient impact on our environment and surroundings. The fragrance of incense sticks changes our emotions, perception, and moods. Incense sticks can energize, relax, and harmonize. The resins and botanicals in incense help us to reconnect with nature and plants as a vital life source.  We can activate visual, olfactory, and auditory awareness by accentuating incense use with ambient lighting and soothing background music. 

Bring Divine and Luxurious fragrance into your home with VedicVaani's collection of incense this astonishing fragrance will make you feel very happy.Know more about our Incense Product

Type: Masala incense 
Length: 9 inches
Burning time: 30 to 40 minutes

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Short DescriptionFruit and spice incense is known for its strong fragrance. The incense sticks are made from fruity essential oils. It's prepared by hand and rolled in a blend with natural ingredients including herbs, oils and natural plant resins.
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