Feng Shui Money Frog - 47gms

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Feng Shui money Frog made in natural blue sunstone. Frogs or toads are said to bring fortune and luck. They represents the yin side of nature, it symbolizes the moon and can bring healing and prosperity. The money toad or fortune frog, called "Chan Chu" in Chinese, is a particularly powerful channel for the transference of good fortune and prosperity.

Blue sunstone is a stone that connects us to the Divine, it is a stone of wisdom and teaches us that no matter what happens there will always be light in the darkness. It is a very strong generator of energy and may be used whenever you need extra energy. This stone will also diminish and heal psychosomatic ailments, and can also be used to conquer illnesses like bulimia and anorexia. It may also be used to heal ailments of the throat like tonsillitis and angina.

Placement: Traditionally, the money frog is placed either in the feng shui money area, or somewhere close to the front entrance. The important thing to consider is that you do not want the money frog to face the entrance, but rather look inside the house.
Another criteria for its placement can be the lucky feng shui directions, where the money frog is placed so that it faces one's Money and Success feng shui direction.

You want to be sure to position your feng shui money frog in a respectful way, so it is best not to place your money frog directly on the floor, but rather on a raised surface. It is also best not to have your feng shui money frog in your bedroom or in your bathroom. 

Dimensions: 1.25 inches (H) x  1.5 inches (L) x 1.25 inches (W)
Weight: 47 gms

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Dimensions: 1.25 inches (H) x  1.5 inches (L) x 1.25 inches (W)  (3 x 3 x 3 cms approx)
Weight: 47 gms

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