Cow Dung Repellent

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Cow dung coils to repel mosquitoes and insects.

In ancient medical system the world over practice of treating diseases with the use of cowdung was prevalent. It is a proven fact that medicinal properties are present in the cowdung cakes and the resultant smoke that emanates after burning them.

Cowdung contains plenty of Menthol, Ammonia, Phenol, Indol, Formalin and specifically its bacteriophages eradicate the pathogens and is a recognized disinfectant.

It is the opinion of an Italian scientist that merely with the smell of fresh cow dung malarial fever and the pathogenic bacteria vanishes. The Russian scientists too have found that objects or the walls of houses coated with cowdung paste protects or safeguards them from radiation. Many Doctors in the West are taking interest in Agnihotra and experimenting with the dried cow-dung powder smoke while treating respiratory problems.

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Short DescriptionCow dung coils to repel mosquitoes and insects.
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