The Significance of Bana-Linga Worship

Worshipping one Bana-Linga holds profound benefits, equivalent to worshipping a crore of other lingas. The Lingam is revered as the embodiment of the formless, transcending physical representation. This sacred practice goes beyond the conventional norms of Pranapratishta, as Bana-Lingas are believed to be inherently alive.

The Unique Power of Bana-Lingas

In the realm of spiritual devotion, the unique power vested in Bana-Lingas is a captivating aspect. The devotees believe that the singular focus on these sacred symbols brings about blessings and spiritual merits that would require the worship of countless other lingas.

The Lingam as the Form of the Formless

Central to Bana-Linga worship is the profound understanding that the Lingam represents the form of the formless. It serves as a tangible connection to the divine, a point where the infinite takes on a finite manifestation. This