Belpatra in german silver

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Belpatra leaves made of pure german silver are used as an offering to  Lord Shiva. They are durable.

Offering of a bilvapatra to the three eyed god Shiva, who holds a Trishula (weapon with three sharp edges) will wash away the sins committed in the past 3 lives. The three segments of Bel Patra represents the three Gunas - Tamas (representing the physical body), Rajas (representing emotions) and Satwik (representing the intellect).  If one uses these three i.e. physical, mental and intellectual in a balanced manner, the self or the soul attains liberation i.e. Moksha

In 22nd chapter in vidyesvarasamhita of Shiva Puran it is mentioned:
"The bilva is the symbol of lord Shiva. It is adored even by the gods. It is difficult to understand its greatness. It can only be known to a certain extent. Whatever holy centre there is in the world finds a place under the root of bilva.He who worships mahadeva in the form of linga at the root of bilva becomes a purified soul, he shall certainly attain Shiva. He who pours water over his head at the root of a bilva can be considered to have taken his bath in all sacred waters in the earth. Verily he is holy. Seeing the water basin round the foot of the bilva tree full of water, Shiva becomes greatly pleased. The man who worships the root of a bilva tree offering scents and flowers attains the region of shiva his happiness increases, his family flourishes.He who places a row of lighted lamps at the root of bilva tree with reverence becomes endowed with the knowledge of truth and merges into shiva. He who worships the bilva tree abounding in fresh tender sprouts becomes free from sins. If a man piously feeds a devotee of Shiva at the root of a bilva tree he reaps the fruit thereof, ten million times more than in the usual course. He who makes a gift of rice cooked in milk and ghee to a devotee of Shiva at the root of a bilva tree will never become poor."

The significance of offering Belpatra and Samipatra on the lingam has been mentioned in the ancient scriptures. Belpatra is offered  to the lingam to please Bholenath. According to an ancient tale, 89 thousand saints asked Brahmaji about the way to please Bholenath. Brahmaji told them that as Shivaji get pleased with 100 lotus flowers, in the same way he can also be pleased by offering one Neelkamal.

Likewise, 1 Belpatra is equal to 1000 Neelkamal and 1 samipatra is equivalent to 1000 Belpatra.  Lord Shiva is highly pleased with these offerings. Belpatra is one simplest way to please Lord Shiva.

Dimensions: 1.5 inches (width) x 1.25 inches (length)

Design: Made of pure german silver with intricate design and fine finish.

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Bilva Leaves in German silver, Buy Artificial Bel Patra Online. Belpatra leaves made of pure german silver are used as an offering to Lord Shiva. They are durable. 

Dimensions: 1.5 inches (width) x 1.25 inches (length)

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