Bal Gopal in white metal (Silver Polish)

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Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Shri Vishnu, the protector and preserver of this universe. In his childhood days, Bal Gopal Krishna had many names but the ones with his pastoral upbringing are Govinda (finder of cows) and Gopala (protector of cows). He is also known as Maakhan Chor (butter thief) due to his habit of stealing butter from the neighbourhood houses. As baby Krishna learnt to trot around the house, his attention was always fixed on the butter urns that were stashed away in corners of all homes in Gokul. He would trot, fall and again strut to the pot containing butter and relish it. As he grew up a little, he would steal milk, curd and butter from the homes of the Gopis and share them with his friends and monkeys. Soon, almost the entire village was complaining about him to Yashoda.

Make: Made of white metal and silver polished.
Dimensions:  2.75 inches (H) x  2.75 inches (W) x  4 inches (L)
Weight: 125 gms

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Dimensions:  2.75 inches (H) x  2.75 inches (W) x  4 inches (L)  (6 x 6 x 10 cms approx)
Weight: 125 gms

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