Amethyst - 8.40 carats

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Amethyst is cleansing gem, at both physical and psychological levels. It promotes internal balance and harmony and brings stability to the individual. Amethyst is capable of raising ones spirits, promoting self assurance and confidence. They brighten the outlook on life and enhance the sense of humor. The virtues of amethyst include beauty, calm, fulfillment, humility, a loving demeanor, perfection, piety, sincerity, spiritual balance, tranquility and wisdom. Amethyst is often worn during meditation and is placed on simple meditation altars. It is worn during psychic acts and since it is a stone of wisdom, it allows the information received through the psychic sources to be appropriately utilized.

Technical specifications:
    Color: Purple
    Color brightness: Dark
    Shape: Oval
    Cut: Smooth
    Luster: High
    Transparency: High
    Carat weight: 8.40
    Weight in grams: 1.68
    Measurements:  approx. 11 mm (L) x 7 mm (W) x 14 mm (H)
    Treatments: None (Natural, Unheated, Untreated)

Amethyst gemstones produce small, detectable magnetic fields. Since our body also has a magnetic field, the Amethyst and your body can exchange energy with one another. The stone also helps sharpen the conscious mind and enhances mental powers. It is used to improve memory and keeps thoughts in line with life goals. It is a stone of pure, true, emotional love. It is often exchanged between two lovers to strengthen their commitment. It is also one of the few stones specifically prescribed for men to use for attracting women. It supposedly draws good women to love him. The stone is also used by those involved in lawsuits to ensure a favorable result. It has been long thought to bring success in businesses.

Amethysts are recommended to those who deal with stress a lot, such as people with an excessive work ethic who are unable to enjoy relaxation. This quality is also believed useful when treating insomnia too. Amethysts also help those who are prone to depression and an overall melancholy feeling.

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Amethyst gemstones produce small, detectable magnetic fields. Amethysts also help those who are prone to depression and an overall melancholy feeling.

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