Yellow Sapphire - 5.75 Carats

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Yellow sapphire assists growth on aspects of wisdom, wit, intellect, religion, and spirituality. One develops an individuality with which one strikes a positive influential mark on others. This gem induces religious thoughts and actions. It is tuled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the Deva Guru or teacher of the Gods, also known as Brihaspati. Jupiter planet actually embarks upon changing ones bad times into good. Yellow sapphire is known as Pukhraj in Hindi.

Jupiter is a natural benefic planet and represents good fate and fortune, divine guidance, divine grace, education, power of speech and knowledge. This planet also represents continuation of the family tree, power of mantras, and guidance from Guru or preceptors, fame and public acclaim. It is a well known fact that if a female individual is having obstacles in getting married, she should wear a properly consecrated Yellow Sapphire gemstone. This remedy will remove the obstacles in getting married. Those who have already married can find this stone beneficial with its abilities to ensure a cordial relationship. 

Technical specifications:
Color: Yellow
Color brightness: Dark 
Shape: Oval
Cut: Mix
Luster: Excellent
Transparency: High
Carat weight: 5.75
Weight in grams: 1.15
Measurements: 13 mm (L) x 9 mm (W) x 5 mm (H) approx
Treatments: None (Natural, Unheated, Untreated)

Benefits of wearing Yellow Sapphire:
Gives mental peace
Increases wisdom, wit and concentration
Resolves progeny problem
Enhance financial status, empowering yourself with more ways of earning wealth
Improve marital relationship
Success in competitive exams
Strengthens marital relationships and the bond of friendship
Helps balance mild mental disorder

Yellow sapphire helps people who are legal experts, professors, spiritualists, soldiers in army in Air Force, envoys of peace, people in public service and public welfare. Yellow Sapphire is said to have a positive effect on the immune system. Specifically, because Yellow Sapphire transmits a light blue color. 

It has been find to hold healing properties for curing cough, fever, kidney diseases, mouth’s foul smell, and rheumatism. It also helps in pacifying one’s tendency to get angry and expanding one’s latitude of farsightedness. Wearing it also ensures protection from accidental death, and liberty from fears of ghosts and evil spirits. 

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Natural Pukharaj (Yellow Sapphire) gemstone which helps people who are legal experts, soldiers in army in Air Force, envoys of peace, people in public service and public welfare.

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