Blue Aventurine Orgone Energy Pyramid

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Blue Aventurine Orgone Energy Pyramid  activates, clears and protects the heart, helps one to attract love.

Orgone Benefits:- Mitigates harmful EMF radiation, transforms negative vitality into positive vitality, benefits sleep and overall health, enhances psychic and intuitive capacities, chakra healing, Transmute negative energy / converts to positive energy, Enhances happier moods very noticeable.

Enhance Meditation: Raise Your Consciousness Level, Clear Energetic Blocks, Emotional Healings, Experimental Spiritual Tool.

Dimensions: 0.75 inch (H) X 1.25 inches (base diameter)
Pyramind made of:  Small pieces of Blue Aventurine, aluminium, copper & Copper Coil.

Blue Aventurine
Aventurine is a translucent to opaque variety of microcrystalline quartz. It contains small inclusions of shiny minerals which give the stone a sparkling effect known as aventurescence.

How it Works
Orgone is attracted to life energy and is repelled and even changed into deadly and/or dead orgone by unpleasant, selfish, fearful people. Orgone accumulators are susceptible to depletion and pollution by unhealthy orgone, but orgone pyramids draw in the stagnant life energy, transform it into healthy orgone, and send it back out.

These are effective when placed directly on negative energy vortices, or crossing of Hartmann or Geopathic lines. Most people will be content to have an ORGONE PYRAMID in the home and office to keep the energy clean and healthy there. It doesnt matter where you place it to do this.

The ORGONE PYRAMID very quickly heals and redirects these on its own. You dont need to do anything else. Most of us just want to have a nice feeling in the house and office for immediate vicinity.

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Blue Aventurine Orgone Energy Pyramid  activates, clears and protects the heart, helps one to attract love.
Dimensions: 0.75 inch (H) X 1.25 inches (base diameter)

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